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Your Pet Wants To Talk... Liz Morrison, Animal Communicator in Minneapolis, is ready to listen

Newfoundland looks at the camera while baby is up to shenanigansI have always tried to have an open mind when it comes to both conventional and non-conventional ideas in both mine and my pet’s lives.  I have to admit, however, that the idea of someone conversing with my dogs made me wonder; guess I felt it was more for entertainment.

I had known Liz Morrison for quite a while before I even knew that she was an animal communicator.  I already knew her to be an honest, caring, intelligent person,  I had seen her with her dear Charlotte and many other dogs, so when I discovered this other talent of hers it just seemed to make sense; of course Liz could communicate with animals.

Liz has talked to one of my dogs, my sweet, shy 7 year old Newfie named Love.  I had gotten Love as few years ago hoping to use her for therapy work, but she was just too shy to do it, and I think my anxiety and disappointment traveled, as they say, right down the leash!

Although Liz and I were great friends by this time, she did not know too much about Love, only Sacajawea, my other Newfie who does do therapy work.  After Liz did communicate with Love I was shocked at how much she knew about her that she could not have possibly known before.

I would like to say that Liz spoke with Love and now she is a therapy dog, but just the opposite.  Liz told me that Love did not want that, that she was so afraid that I would make her do it, she did not want to do what Sacajawea does, that she loved me very much, and was so sad that she was disappointing me!

I don’t know if Love understood me or not, but I told her that she did not need to do therapy work, that she was going to just be my pet.  I cannot believe how much Love has relaxed, which has made her so much less shy.  If fact, she probably could do therapy work now, but as I promised her, she will be just my wonderful pet!


Black miniature poodle Rico sitting on pink armchairMy 9-lb miniature poodle Rico was in an unexpected & unfortunate altercation with a Rottweiler. He incurred 5 puncture wounds that thankfully did not draw blood. Needless to say he was very traumatized by the incident and was immediately skiddish to any other dogs, people he did not know and sounds of all kinds.

I knew how I felt about the entire encounter but wanted to better understand what Rico was thinking & feeling about it. I asked Ms. Morrison to speak with Rico. Her insight and conveyance to me as to what Rico was thinking & feeling gave me a calmness that helped me address Rico’s needs in working his way back to his usual everyday adorable ‘no issues’ dog!

Thank you so much Liz.

Georgia Ascher

Lynn in a Green Bay Packers shirt and her freindly looking Golden Retriever Tahoe

I have loved dogs my entire life. I have always considered my dog my best friend, but Tahoe, my Golden Retriever, is even more than that. I wanted to do some volunteer work, but felt bad leaving Tahoe alone, so decided that we could volunteer together and that would solve the problem. We became a registered therapy team and started visiting different venues. I was just worried about whether Tahoe really liked doing that or not. I also wanted to know how Tahoe was feeling in general.

I was certainly skeptical, but had nothing to lose by giving it a try. Liz “talked” to Tahoe, and he expressed to her that there were only a couple of the places that we had visited that he actually liked going to. He also told Liz about another personal matter that was worrying him, and we can’t thank her enough for that information changing both of our lives and making us both much happier. I don’t know how to explain it, or to thank Liz enough, but I think her love and caring for animals, and their owners who love them and are concerned about them, gives her the special gift she has.

Lynn & Tahoe

Suzanne & KirbyLiz,
Thanks so much for the wonderful work that you do! Our 2 cats Kirby and Cricket were so happy to talk to you and you have opened up a new world for us and our furry friends.

The information that you gave us was right on and we were amazed at how helpful it all was for us to all live together better.

We are so grateful for your work.

Suzanne and Steve Kilkus

spike-bellaLiz has visited and communicated with many of my cats over the years and accurately told me what was going on in their and my life. In Feburary 2008 when my little calical female was in the end stages of kidney disease, Liz visited with her and it was a great comfort to be told that Minnie Marie was ready to go. She was 17 years old and had been such a wonderful friend. It was very difficult for me to have her put down, but I really felt it was her wish not to suffer any longer. Why does that tug your heart and make you question your decision to let a loved one go?

At the same time Minnie told Liz that there was “something” going on in my chest that she was very worried about and that the other cats knew it was there too. I was feeling fine, but several months later I was diagnosed with a very aggressive uterine cancer. Should I have gone to my doctor and requested a CAT scan? Thinking back, I don’t think it would have been one bit ridiculous to have done that. I still have the email Liz sent to me after talking with my cats and I read it frequently. Eighteen months later my beloved Spike Michael died and it was such a comfort to know that Liz found them together again – young, vibrant and busy playing.

It was fun to have Liz talk to my two new kittens, marmalade Munch and Bella Blue. She said she loves the sound of their little voices.

Everything Liz tells me about my pets and the pets of my friends has been spot on! Thanks Liz!

I know that my furry friends are waiting there for me and that someday I will meet them again and then we will all be together. Bless you Liz for letting me know that.

Barb Plachecki

Rosie Marx and Harold

Over the years Liz Morrison has communicated with my animals numerous times. It is always so hard to make that final decision about ending your dog’s life. In the case of my beloved “Tristan” and later “Eddy” who meant so much to me,she helped me come to that decision . And then after they died she comforted me by communicating with each of them and reassured me that they were once again young and free from pain and old age problems. With my current furry family, she has helped me understand how my Corgi was feeling when he became paralyzed for several months and what he wanted me to do for him. She has communicated with my cat who became jealous when I introduced another cat to the household.

I highly recommend Liz as an animal communicator. I have seen her work first hand. I have referred my friends with animals to her and am happy to hear that they are as satisfied as I am.

Rosie Marx

GomizzLiz Morrison has a connection to animals that is “jawdropping”. I use the word jawdropping because that is what mine did literally when I asked Liz’s advice on my ill cat Gomez. She asked me to bring a picture of Gomez to her and she would “talk” to him and see how he was feeling because if he was in pain I would have had to make the decision to put him down. I couple days later, Liz sat me down and told me she was able to connect with Gomez and he told her that he was ok, but he was a little tired. I was grateful for this information so I let him rest and he got better. The jawdropping part came when Liz told me that Gomez told her that she was to tell mommy that “she has to get more plastic leaves for the front window because the birds are running into it”. Liz had no idea I had leaf stickers. Obviously, she was connected to Gomez. Liz has a gift that should be shared. It is invaluable when vets fall short on what is bothering your animal. She is amazing!

Colleen Burke
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