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Your Pet Wants To Talk... Liz Morrison, Animal Communicator in Madison, is ready to listen

Liz may be able to help you with:

  • End of Life decisions for your pet
  • Pet Behavior issues that you are trying to solve
  • Your Curiosity about what your pet is thinking

If you are struggling with problems, concerns or questions about your pet(s), consider booking a session with Liz. She may be able to help.

How an appointment with Liz works

Booking a session with Liz is a fairly simple process. This section explains what to expect during a session.

It is not necessary for Liz to be in the presence of your animal during the session because animal communication is telepathic. It is necessary for Liz to receive a photo of your pet and then work with them in a quiet space before talking with you.

Liz uses the photo for focus and quick identification so she can make sure she is talking to the correct animal. Then she will invite them into a connection and if they are willing, she will stay connected with them and listen to whatever they want Liz to hear for the entire session. Liz will then email you with the information she was given during the session.

Note: Liz does not work with lost pets and no longer communicates with pets who have passed


  • Send a list with up to 5 questions that you would like her to ask your pet.
  • Your full name
  • A recent photo
  • The name, age, sex of your pet

Please allow approximately 2 weeks from the time you send the photo for Liz to communicate with your pet and get back to you. In some cases, animals may be difficult to reach so it is best to prepare for several attempts to reach your pet.

Note: When Liz can accommodate requests, emergency sessions are available. Please discuss via email before using the book a session form.


The price for one session with Liz is $75.00.

Payment is required prior to your session and can be made by using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card (it is optional). When your session is scheduled you will receive further instructions to initiate your payment via PayPal.

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