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How can an Animal Communicator help me?

A picture of a Cat looking contemplative

Animal communicators can assist you with a variety of issues including:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Emotional issues
  • Family dynamics with people and other pets
  • Life changes
  • End-of-life considerations
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How does it work?

Communication with and between animals happens on a telepathic level, and every animal communicates this way. Animal Communication is the special telepathic ability that we humans are all born with as children which allows us to make a connection with our animal friends and have an actual two-way conversation.

Some of us retain this ability as we grow up, others are able to regain it through classes and special training exercises.

Serious faced french bulldog

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Who is Liz Morrison?

Liz with her dog and grandson

Liz has studied with several Animal Communication teachers

Over the past several years, Liz has talked to a couple hundred animals including; horses, dogs, cats, birds and one boa constrictor!! She has communicated with all sorts of animals with a variety of personalities, ages and issues.

Liz specializes in working with people who are facing the difficult decision of helping their pet to pass. Even though we humans make the final decision, it is sometimes helpful to know what your beloved furry friend is thinking.

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WARNING: Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care or for basic dog obedience training.
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